Learning With ICT

Our vision for e-Learning at Pinehurst has the student at the centre of all learning and envisions learners who can connect confidently and actively in their community. We aim to produce responsible students who make informed decisions when using ICT in their learning and as part of being a digital citizen.

To support this vision, all students from Year 7 are required to bring their own laptop, selected from a range of recommended models which are described in more detail on this document.

We do not specify a particular laptop or reseller - however we do specify full operating systems (Windows or MacOS) and specifications for the machine to be suitable for College use. We prefer stylus enabled devices as we make extensive use of Onenote. 

QuickLink - Setting up a new laptop

Looking to Purchase a Laptop?

If you are, current conditions mean that delivery of your preferred model could be many weeks away. Order any new laptop well before you need to have it. (You may prefer to check stock levels across a range of retail outlets)

Minimum Specifications

  • Software: Full operating system - Windows 10/11 or MacOS
    - iPads, iPadPro, iPhones, Android tablets, phones, Chromebooks are not suitable devices. They will not integrate fully and will lead to frustration by students and teachers.
  • Hardware: Storage: 256GB SSD minimum, Memory: 8GB minimum, Processor: intel i5 or AMD Ryzen5 minimum, Screen size: 12" minimum, Battery Life: 10 hours minimum at new, Case: Aluminium case recommended

Purchasing Options - Preferred Supplier - Purchase Online

We have a preferred supplier, Cyclone and have chosen a suitable model to be available. This is available to current students and students who will be attending Pinehurst.  Availability of devices is not guaranteed however. Our preferred model has a three year warranty and accidental damage insurance with $0 excess. Hardware and warranty issues can be lodged directly with HP or via our ICT helpdesk and repairs are done onsite by an HP technician. (Please note: we do not profit from sales)

https://byod.cyclone.co.nz/pinehurst (username: pinehurst, password: psbyod)

Purchasing Options - Alternative Suppliers

Our preference is for a device that is a 2-in-1 with a writeable screen. This provides the greatest level of flexibility of use.

Our preference on hardware is HP (eg x360), Dell XPS, Lenovo (eg Yoga), Microsoft (Surface). Other models will likely be suitable as well. An aluminium body is recommended.

To this end, we have put together a search profile on the PBTech website. You may wish to use this to compare suitable models from other retailers.   2-in-1 Hybrid Laptops & Flip Laptops - PBTech.co.nz   

When purchasing from retailers, do ensure you understand warranty and accidental insurance options. Typical resellers with experience selling student devices include PB Tech in Porana Road, Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.

Why a full operating system?

  • If a student has a full operating system, then generally they can overcome most compatibility issues that may present themselves.
  • It also means that our teachers can plan with confidence that the student devices will support certain applications or file formats they choose to use. Additionally, students of Pinehurst School qualify for a free copy of Microsoft Office (desktop version and online version).
  • We have a preference toward Windows operating system machines. These provide the best integration with Microsoft 365. In some courses, curriculum software may be only available for PC. Frequently there are MacOS alternatives. Adobe Creative Suite, which is currently, freely available for College students runs on both platforms.

Purchasing from Cyclone

Please note  Devices purchased through Cyclone will be delivered to your home address. Pinehurst does not manage payment or repair devices. (We can facilitate repairs on behalf of students in most cases and HP devices purchased from Cyclone currently come with an HP care pack which covers 3 year warranty and accidental damage protection - we aim to arrange repairs to be undertaken by HP onsite at Pinehurst School)

Link to Cyclone Byod  (username psbyod)

Other devices are able to be purchased through Cyclone using phone or chat on their website.

Expectations on Students

  • Bring their device fully charged to school each day
  • They have installed Microsoft Office - this is free to Pinehurst Students and can be installed from Office.com
  • They install operating system updates and patches as released
  • Anti-virus software is used - the built-in Windows defender application is suitable.

ICT Support for Students

  • We provide “set up days” in the week before school starts, to help your child’s Pinehurst School account get the laptop connected to the wireless network and to have Microsoft Office and mobility print installed.
  • Help documents are available to guide your child’s first time setup for Pinehurst. Instructions for setup can be found at http://bit.ly/pinehursticthelp
  • During the year, students can contact the helpdesk on helpdesk@pinehurst.school.nz with any questions or software issues.
  • We are able to provide some support for Warranty repairs purchased from our preferred supplier - Cyclone. (we do not repair equipment). If you had previously purchased from Lexel, and your device is still under warranty, we are able to provide support for these devices as well.
  • We maintain a limited supply of loan devices if your child's device needs to be repaired - this is not guaranteed

Before bringing a device to school please make sure that:

  1. The Operating System and all software is in English. (Show me how to change: PC, Mac)
  2. You know your username and password for your device and your Mac security username and password as connecting to a Wireless network or the installation of software will require this information.
  3. All the equipment (Device, charger and bag) is labelled with the name of the student

Setup information for your new (or replacement) laptop can be found at http://bit.ly/pinehurstnewlaptop

Why ICT for Learning

Our students live in an analogue and digital world and need to continue developing skills of Digital Citizenship.

  • ICT for Learning opens possibilities for greater levels of personalisation, collaboration and connection to learning beyond the classroom.
  • Our students are already using digital devices outside of school to communicate and learn. We would like to make our school resources available so that the potential of those devices can be used to further enhance learning.
  • It increases access to a huge range of electronic resources, which help enhance learning.
  • Students with their own device find it a natural progression of our e-Learning strategies, tying in with the use of our Schoolbox and SeeSaw systems.

e-Learning and ICT Questions

  • How regularly will my child use their computer in their classwork?
    • This will differ from class to class and teacher to teacher. Some subjects lend themselves to using a computer more naturally than others. All teachers will have been provided ongoing professional development and implementation time to allow them to feel confident in teaching a class of students with a laptop each.
  • Does Pinehurst School provide any Internet Filtering?
    • Yes – all student traffic is monitored and logged with objectionable material being blocked.
  • Will my child be able to print from their own laptop?
    • Yes – All student can print wirelessly to school copiers using Mobility Print.
  • Does Pinehurst School Backup my Student’s Data?
    • Students are responsible for their own backup of critical data at all times.
    • We strongly recommend the use of the provided OneDrive to store files and data. 1TB of free storage space is provided as part of the Microsoft Office Suite.
    • We have seen external hard drives and USB drives become corrupt with no data being able to be retrieved. If these media are used, be sure to have a duplicate for critical data.
  • Do you perform repairs on equipment?
    • No – We do not repair equipment.
    • We are able to provide some support for students. This will be mainly to ensure that they are able to connect to our school network and assist with minor troubleshooting.
    • In the case of laptops purchased previously under the SNAP programme we are able to send these devices for repair. If the repairer assesses that an Extraguard claim is warranted, this is the owner’s responsibility to complete before any repair is completed. Any insurance excess required will be charged to the students account.
    • We are able to facilitate warranty repairs for devices purchased from our preferred supplier on behalf of students. HP products come with an HP Carepack, generally with no excess and repairs are carried out onsite by HP technicians.

Taking Responsibility for Equipment

Care and Security

  • The security of a student-owned device is the responsibility of the student.
  • Portable devices should be protected by a username and password. This should not be disclosed to other students.
  • Always store the laptop in a protective bag
  • Do not store anything additional to the laptop within the laptop’s sleeve (e.g. cords, papers or disks), as this may damage the screen
  • Carry your Portable Computer within its protective cover inside your normal school bag. Do not overfill your school bag. (Pressure on the laptop can cause permanent damage to the screen and other components)
  • Never lift the Portable Computer by the screen. This will stress the hinge mechanism, which also carries the power supply to the screen.
  • Never leave your laptop in a car or in an exposed area where it can be stolen
  • Never leave your laptop in unsupervised areas during the school day.
  • Warranty, Insurance and Repair
  • Most devices come with a one year warranty. A three year warranty is sometimes available. Insurance should be covered by the owner of the device—some resellers offer special insurance for theft, damage and loss.
  • When you have purchased a device, make sure that you know how to arrange repairs and what cover is included.