Students and staff are able to email our helpdesk at or when on site, visit us in Junior College.

We do not repair equipment but for devices purchased through Lexel or Cyclone, may be able to facilitate inspection and repairs if the device is under warranty. Parents may also choose to do this themselves.

If you are emailing or submitting a ticket as a parent, please ensure we know which student your request is related to by providing their name, username and Form/Pod class. 

Please ensure that any email address used is one that is in our Student Management System - you can check this on the Parent portal or via Schoolbox.

A loan laptop may be available if your repair is managed through the ICT Services helpdesk.

This only applies to devices purchased from Lexel (aka SNAP) or Cyclone – which are still under warranty.

  • Repairs from HP typically take a few days and are done onsite
  • Repairs for Toshiba typically take at least a week as the device must be sent away
  • A loan laptop is subject to availability – the laptop should be considered a web/productivity device – it may not have all software normally installed – students may need to take advantage of desktop machines to access all software

If you submit a ticket, please provide us as much information as possible - eg Model, Serial Number, Issues