Pinehurst School has licensed Microsoft 365 for all students and Adobe Creative Cloud for all College students.

Instruction for installation can be found on the "Setting up a new Laptop Pages"

Common applications that are worth installing can also be found on the Pinehurst Dashboard at 

Recommended Software

Productivity Software

Microsoft Office - Free to all Pinehurst Students. Log on and choose install office
Teams app - If you already have Microsoft Office, you have the Teams app.

Web Browsers

Microsoft Edge - The new chromium edge is fast and well integrated to your school account

Chrome - Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers

Firefox - Some rate this as one of the most secure browsers

PDF Reader

Adobe Reader - while browsers can read pdfs, Adobe pdf reader does a better job


Visio is now part of the Office Suite - this is the online version only but is likely to be adequate for most users. (web) -AKA Drawio - Powerful and flexible flowchart and infographic drawing application - files can be saved in your onedrive (download) - The same software but able to be used offline.

College Students Only

Adobe Creative Cloud - The full Creative Suite package. Install and log in with your school (enterprise) account