Office 365 ProPlus is free to install for all of our students

You may have  have one of the following questions:

  • New computer wanting to install Office apps
  • New to school, wanting to  install Office apps
  • Problems with your current installation – re-install
  • Check you have the latest version of Office apps

At Pinehurst, we use Office 365 ProPlus click-to-run which is the latest version. This can be installed on up to 5 computers.
Sometimes new laptops come with trial versions of Office 365 – we recommend uninstalling this and installing the full version using instructions below.

Installing Office 365

Login to using your school email address and password.

After login, you will be able to see all Office 365 web apps and at the top there is an “Install Office” button.

Simply click on the button to download the latest version of Office 365 with the same system default language and same processor (32 bit or 64 bit) as the Windows operating system.

Note: this button will detect your system automatically and download the best match version of Office. If you have a Mac computer, it will download a Mac installation file.

Advanced Installation – Optional

Instead of clicking on the Install button, click on the little down arrow will call a drop down menu for more options. Click on “Other install options”.

Then you will get “My account” page of Office website. In the first tile, click on View apps & devices.

On Apps & devices page, you will be able to choose a different language of Office, a different processor version. And you can view and manage the installation of other devices.

e.g. If you have a Chinese language Windows computer

How to uninstall and an old copy or version

For some reason you may wish to uninstall an Office installation you already have:

  • Your new purchased computers may have a trial version of Office installed. That is a different version than we are using for education purposes and it cannot be licensed using the students username and password. OR
  • The current version installed has got critical errors and need to be fresh install

For Mac OS computers please go to Applications to remove.

For Windows computers please go to Windows > Settings> Apps to uninstall (Right click on the Microsoft Office icon and choose uninstall)

Update to latest version

You cannot update just one of the apps in Office. They are updated all together. You can pick any app to start the update. Here we use Word as an example.

Open a blank Word document, click on File, then Account

In the account information screen, there are a couple of things to check.

Check User information

If you previously had a Microsoft account (eg hotmail,…) and you have signed in this Office or the Windows system on this computer, make sure you re-sign in as school account. Otherwise you may have sharing and editing permission problem when you are working on your homework and assignments.

Check Subscription Product and license

This subscription and license usually comes with the Office download and installation. If you cannot see your school account here, you will need to follow the previous steps to uninstall this Office and download the correct one. Try to click on Manage Account button and sign in with your school account and see if it can receive a license.

Office Updates

Office usually gets updates monthly. you can check here if you don’t think you have all of the features or new functionalities.