It is important to take care of your laptop to keep it in good shape. These are the basics….

  1. Keep liquids away – accidents happen too easily. Keep drinks and water bottles away from your laptop. If in your bag, your laptop should be kept separate from any drink bottles.
  2. Keep food away from your laptop – Do not eat over your laptop – food and crumbs can get into the keys in the keyboard.
  3. Clean your hands – A dirty keyboard can cause scratches on the LCD screen when the lid is closed
  4. Keep your software up-to-date – Many issues with laptops can be prevented or resolved if your laptop software is kept up to date
  5. Be careful when closing the lid – Make sure there are no small items on the keyboard when you shut the lid.
  6. Hold and lift the computer by its base (bot by its LCD display) – If you lift by the screen, you can damage the hinges or scratch or crack your screen
  7. Do not pull on the power cord – Unplug from your computer and wall sockets carefully
  8. Avoid theft – Keep your laptop with you. Do not leave your laptop in unlocked rooms or visible in cars – do not invite theft
  9. Avoid high temperatures – Do not leave your laptop in the sun

Dell produce a comprehensive set of care instructions: