Microsoft Learning Tools are available across Microsoft products, whether on the desktop or in the browser.

There are read aloud feature, contrast settings for text, translate, audio dictionary etc. Great not just for SEN students but all students (useful too for families who would benefit from the translate tool to help access what their child is doing; homework, assignments etc)
There are multiple ways to connect to the learning tools.

In Teams, Assignments, and any online Word doc (browser or app) you have the option to use Immersive Reader.

What can Immersive Reader help with?

  • It can read any text out loud
  • It can highlight the lines you are reading or show line by line only as you read
  • It can change the colour of the page background to help with reading
  • It will translate any text to any language – written and audio options
  • Dictation – you can say what you want to write and it will type it
  • It can highlight verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs in different colours to show word types

How do I Use Immersive Reader?

Click on the 3 dots … at the top right of your page:

Open your document in the Browser or Desktop App to use Immersive Reader:

Click on View, then Immersive Reader. This may say Learning Tools:


Use the tools on the top right side of your page to choose options. The Green PLAY button will read the text on the page out loud:

Click on the audio settings icon to choose the voice speed and what sort of voice – male or female:

Click on the picture dictionary icon then click on a word and it will read the word out loud and show a picture of what the word is:


Click on the book icon, then Picture Dictionary, and choose a language to translate your text to from the drop-down box:

You can choose to translate one word or the whole document:

The Picture Dictionary can also translate and read the words out loud:


Click on the AA symbol to change the font size, spacing, type, and contrast colours to make the page easier to read. Theme colour creates contrast with words and background. This can make it easier to read the words:


To see parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives click on the types of words you want highlighted in the text: