There are multiple ways to “ink” with Windows 10 and in Teams

  1. Onenote ClassNotebook – Onenote provides the widest possible use, flexibilty for whiteboarding
    Multiple pages can be used as a canvas and each page saved
    Pages are visible to students
    A wide variety of types of media and embedded documents can be added to the notebook
    Use for demo only if you wish – permissions are managed by the class notebook
    Not suitable for multi-user real-time use
  2. Microsoft Whiteboard – A downloadable app that allows sharing of whiteboards – suitable for multi-user real-time use
    Whiteboards can be collaborative and posted into Teams or sent to Teams Notebooks
    Whiteboards can be shared with individuals or using a sharing link (eg posted in teams)
  3. Whiteboard within Teams (this is a browser version of Microsoft Whiteboard) – We suggest opening in app…. you should open in app if this has been installed
    The web based app relies heavily on a strong connection and is only available in the desktop version of Teams.
    One whiteboard is available for each meeting – this should only consider this an adhoc solution – that may not be reliable or accessible from a web browser.

Onenote Classnotebook

If your class already has a class notebook, you already have tools for inking that are superior to most others.

Class Notebook – Support and Help

There are lots of resources available to support use of the Class Notebook – ClassNotebook works best in teams – assignments can be used to distribute pages and files:

Class Notebook in Teams


Microsoft Whiteboard

Download this from the Microsoft Store.
Revisit each whiteboard

Screenshots from Whiteboard


Help Documents on using Microsoft Whiteboard