Whether you can convert a pdf to a document depends on how the document was created.

These are some possible options (none are guaranteed to work)


Open the pdf in word

  • Right click on the file and choose open with another app
  • Locate Microsoft Word
  • Word will attempt to convert (if it can)

Open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Right click on the file and open with Adobe Acrobat DC as above
  • Choose Export pdf
  • Adobe acrobat will attempt to convert the document (a protected document will not be able to be exported)
  • Staff and College students are licensed for Adobe Acrobat DC
    Download and install the Desktop application to choose applications

On Mobile – Use Microsoft Office Lens

  • Install on your mobile and scan documents to word or pdf

 Annotate pdf in Microsoft Edge

Scan On a copier

Our Photocopiers have functions to allow you to scan documents to pdf or word