Sorry to see you go…

Microsoft Office, Office365 and your OneDrive

Make sure that you have downloaded all the material that you wish to keep. Accounts are disabled after students leave at the end of the year after 2 months. While we do not delete material immediately, do make sure you have a copy of everything that you wish to keep. Microsoft Office requires an active student account to be able to edit documents, you will still be able to read documents. If you are continuing your study, you will likely be able to continue using Microsoft Office

Options for storing and editing your material – some of the more popular options:

Backing up Onenote Class Noteboooks

  • Go to > Onenote
  • Right click on Notebook > Save a copy

SNAP Computers Purchased from Lexel

If you have a Toshiba Laptop purchased via Lexel, we can reset this to factory settings, if this has not already been done. We will need it for a few hours and this will take it back to an out of the box state (with Windows 1803). Please email us at to book this in.

Important information

  • Ensure all material on the laptop is backed up as the reset process will wipe everything. When you receive the laptop back you will need to use a Microsoft Account to set it up and perform all updates.
  • Please do not request repairs be facilitated at the same time. Any repairs that are required while under warranty are facilitated through Serviceplus – we do not repair devices and should be actioned before the warranty ends and before a factory reset is performed.

Warranty or insurance repairs for Lexel Purchased Toshiba Laptops

HP Laptops purchased from Lexel or Cyclone

These laptops were purchased with an HP Carepack. This has a three year accident and damage protection warranty.

Warranty or insurance repairs for HP Laptops

  1. Check the laptop is still under warranty – Official HP® Warranty Check – New Zealand | HP® Customer Support
  2. If the laptop is under warranty, you can log a job with HP – 0800 449 553

You may be asked for:

  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Picture of Serial Number
  • 2 Pictures of Damage if damaged (Take a picture of the full laptop)
  • Describe the damage when did this occur
  • How did this occur
  • What is not functioning