Two step Process

1. Use the General Channel only for notices from you - and set permissions for this to happen

2. Create a Meetings channel where you are the moderator - and run meetings from there

Setting up your General Channel

  1. Change properties of the General channel (3 dots next to General)
  2. Set "Only owners can post messages"

    This does mean if you post an ordinary message or start a meeting in the channel, students will be able to post. (Use Post an announcement instead)

  3. Posting Announcements: (in the General Channel) When you post a message
  4. Click on the Format Symbol
  5. Change "Everyone can reply" to "You and Moderators can reply"

Create a Meetings Channel and set Permissions

  1. Create a new channel - 3 dots next to your Team name
  2. Give it a name (eg Meetings)
  3. Manage Channel (3 dots next to the Channel Name)
  4. Turn Moderation on and untick all Team Member Permissions

    This will mean that students will not be able to add posts inside our outside the meeting
  5. If you would like to allow students to chat, "Allow members to reply to channel messages
  6. These permissions can be changed during the meeting and will take effect immediately