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No join meeting icon on the iPad

Clear app data from your iPad - Show me how

There are two options

  • Shared- iPad - Best option - Use Teams in a Browser
  • Individually owned iPad - Install Teams, Microsoft Office and Onenote

1. Using Teams in a Browser only (this is a workaround only) 

Enable Teams to be used in a browser (safari only)

- iPad Settings > Safari > Prevent Cross-Site Tracking (switch off)

Open Teams in Safari

- In Safari, go to https://teams.microsoft.com  (school ipads have an icon called Teams Web)

- Sign out any previous users

- Close any other tabs

- Go

- All Material will be opened in a browser

2. Install Teams, Onenote, Word....(Best option but relies on sole use)

- this is suitable for individually owned devices

- If Teams requests editing in Onenote, Word etc, the app will launch and the user will be prompted to sign in to each app

- It is better to sign-in to apps that will be required eg, Teams, Onenote, Word

- On Onenote, open settings (Cog) and enable Class Notebook)

It is possible for more than one user to use Teams and Onenote. However, if you do not sign out of apps, all material will be available to the next user

If you are sharing an iPad, when you have finished

- Sign out of Onenote 

- Sign out of Teams 

- Sign out of Word

- sign out of Powerpoint

Can't Join Teams Meeting on an iPad - suggestions

This seems to be an unresolved intermittent issue on a few iPads (Some schools reports hundreds of ipad connections and a few with issues)  - these are suggestions from the ICT community Microsoft Team Join Meeting Button is Missing on iPad - Microsoft Community 

General comment and possible fixes from feedback given in the ICT community: 

  • Ensure iOS software is up to date and Teams app is up to date. 
  • Clear the Teams Cache in settings
  • Uninstall and re-install the Teams app
  • Try using the browser (as per the instructions above)
  • Enable location services and set time automatically as described below

An added comment from the forum: I have found that I can force the join button to appear on my child’s ipad for virtual learning when I join the meeting using their account on another device (my iphone). Once I join as them on my iphone, the join button appears on their ipad. I log out as them after they’ve logged in so they are participating on two devices for a brief moment.

Possible untested solution from the forum:

I have been searching for a solution to this problem too and noticed that the TIME in the corner of the iPad was incorrect. When I went to sort that out it said to enable Location Services, which I then did via the 'Privacy' tab in 'settings'. The KEY factor though, seemed to be swiping the 'set time automatically' box in the 'date and time' settings, which on both of the iPads I was sorting had been switched off due to the Location Services issue.

The JOIN button worked immediately, having previously tried uninstalling, re-installing, switching off and on again etc.