When your Schoolbox account is automatically setup, it comes with some default notifications.

It is possible to customise the type and frequency of notifications you receive.

1. Select your profile picture in the top menu. 

2. Select 'Settings'. 

3. Use the toggle to mute notifications for your groups that you do not wish to receive notifications for. You may not be able to mute all notifications as some will be managed by the Group Admin for the group.

4. Review the additional notifications. 

Notification Symbols


Selecting mute will ensure you do not receive a notification for the selected setting.

Email Digest 

Selecting email digest will ensure you will receive a notification in the form of an email digest. An email digest is a periodic email that is sent out to you with a summary of all the notifications that you have elected to receive in the digest. You will only have this option if Superusers at your school have set up a digest schedule.


Selecting instant will mean you will receive a notification in the top right corner of Schoolbox. You can access these by clicking on the red bell icon. 


Selecting email means you will receive an email at the time the notification is triggered.


We do not have the mobile application available

Mobile Web View

There is a mobile view of schoolbox: open http://schoolbox.pinehurst.school.nz on your mobile and pin to the home screen

Notifications appear in the red link at the top