Mainly for Teachers - but the practices do apply for students.

If you wish to collect files using an upload, there are a number of ways:

Associated with Schoolbox and Teams (size limited)

  • Schoolbox submissions (max 50MB)
  • Teams Assignments (max 50Mb)


  • This can be created in a team allowing regular submission of very large files for your class. (See Mr Saul if you want to consider this)

Uploading large files

  • Students or Staff - Microsoft Forms
  • Anyone - OneDrive Request Files

Microsoft Forms - File Upload for Students or Staff

1.Create a form

2. Add an File Upload Field

3.You will be informed that:

4. You can specify the number of files and the single file size limit - up to 1GB

5. When the respondent completes the form they will see:

Files are uploaded to your OneDrive > Apps > Microsoft Forms >.... The submitters name will be appended to the file uploaded

OneDrive Request Files - Anonymous Uploads

1. Open Onedrive on the web

2. Create a folder to hold your uploaded files

3. Click on the ellipses next to the Folder and choose Request Files

4. Enter a message that will appear for the people you will share the link with

5. You will be provided with a link that your uploaders can use.

6. You will be notified when someone uploads a file.

User view:

7. Users will be prompted for their name

How large can the file upload be?

  • Microsoft say that the upload limit for onedrive is now 250GB!