OneNote is a powerful tool for use with classes - but there are three main variants that you need to be aware of.

1. OneNote created in your Onedrive - this can be shared

2. OneNote ClassNotebook in your Onedrive - Never Share (this can break permissions for students)

3. Onenote ClassNotebook in Teams - Never Share (this can break permissions)

OneNote ClassNotebook in Teams - recommended

- Manage access to the notebook by Team membership (if a student is in the Team, they have access to the notebook and their own sections)

- Turn off  access to the Collaboration in the team (you can turn this off (do not delete the collaboration space)

- Do not delete student sections unless you definitely know the student is not coming back - re-adding a student may not re-create sections and permissions

To add or remove students to your Team - Click on the three ellipses

To Manage your notebook

Class Notebook in OneDrive

- Never share - this can break permissions

To add or remove students or teachers..

You will be prompted to add or remove students or teachers from the notebooks that are in your onedrive.

Note: If you are not the owner of the Class Notebook, you may need to ask the owner of the notebook to add students or teachers.

Lastly - If the permissions for a student just don't work. let us know - we can usually find a way