Mainly for Teachers

There are a range of collaboration options


Add a collaborative Doc  Once added to a page, students in the class can add comments and notes

Office365 and Teams

There are multiple options

Teams Private channel

Create a private channel for a group of students. All documents created by the teacher or student are collaborative - able to be edited live by multiple people

When the channel is no longer required, it can be deleted. Files created will remain inside the Team Documents Library

Individual Document Collaboration


There are a number of scenarios and options depending on requirements

Best experience comes for working on documents online

Best real-time experience comes from Word online or Powerpoint Online

Different tools work in different ways for collaboration

  • Word
    • Best experience |  Flags appear where students are working - real time in browser
  • Powerpoint
    • Students should work on their own slide | Students can overwrite each others work if working on the same slide
  • Excel
    • Students can not work in the same cell
  • Onenote - Collaboration Section
    • Best when working on different pages
    • If students work on the same page at the same time issues of synchronisation occur, unless tables are used and users stay within their own section

Methods to Share an Individual file

  1. Add your document to a Teams post (or Files and link in a post)
  2. Create a document in your Onedrive and share with specific people with Editing permissions
    Add a message - each person will get an email. They will also be able to find the link in their onedrive - shared with me
  3. Create a  document and share from your onedrive. Send the link to your class, or paste on Schoolbox.